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28 January 2012

Having friends from different countries

Having friends from different countries
Having friends from different countries to teach us about the differences and social diversity. By having many friends with a background of different cultures and nations we can recognize on unique world civilization. It's good to maintain harmony and continuity of the civilization of the world that more and more with interest and competition. If harmony is not maintained then it will only bring destruction, there is a conflict between the majority and the minority. Oppression and tyranny will be a very frightening scourge to mankind.

Friends from different backgrounds of nation and state also means having friends from different religious backgrounds. Every religion teaches kindness and tolerance toward minorities or larger groups. Every nation and state are also some small and some huge, both territorial authority and influence in the region or internationally. Expected combination of good teaching of religion could also neutralize imbalances caused by differences in influence and power.

Tolerance is the output of borderless friendship while the harmony into its outcome. Friendship does not need to meet the physical, but can also be done online as a lively peeps do nowadays. Online communities often bring together people with similar interests and make friends with each other. Internet enables us to communicate with our new friends. In fact we never see the real physical world. If you are including in this online friendship activities, recognizing the good people who become a new friends must be done also to avoid destructive friendship.

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