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23 November 2008

English Song Improves My English Proficiency

FEC!, The Indonesia Groups Where I Learn English Online At Yahoo!Except at school, formally, I had never joint in any English course. I do study English by myself, learn each other with my friends, reading some interesting stuff, listening an English conversation on television without reading its trans-subtitled text (such as Hollywood movie, Oprah's Show, documenter series, English news, etc.), join within online learning community, chatting together with my abroad friends, or whatever activity to improve and keen my English skill.

Listening to English songs is one method that I use. I do believe that this is one of good ways to be good in English and it is more interesting way than listening to a conversation. I am used to doing this way to learning English since junior high school and I would be happy when I succeed to understand or clearly in hearing what sentences a singer just said. In some class sessions, my teacher also used this method in the class. Till now, I often use this method.

It is really a relaxed way in learning English because I could enjoy this kind of art while listening it. When I failed to hear it clearly or finished to understand its lyric, I will goon correcting it by finding and read its text lyric. As the result, of course, not all of them were correct. Hmmm... in my mind, it was very logic and I was never thought "how poor I am..."� he he he he. Fairly, lots of English songs don't use good English grammatically and sometimes use idioms, slang or another English terminology as well. The rest, I admitted that it was my weakness and I must study hard while using the other methods.

Furthermore, I do like the song as one of my interesting in art. Might be this fact is additional reason for me why I do like learning by using this one method. Now, do you have any idea about my story above? If you do, let me know. Tell me what methods do you like in learning English, why and how?

Last but not least, I would like to let you know on my dream in English now. It is I would like to increase my TOEFL score. Once my English being good, so my TOEFL will be high in score... upssst! Which one is the first? Good English or TOEFL Score? Do you know the right answer? Are you confused to answer? Or are you confused to understand all of my English above maybe? Ha ha ha ha ha, it means I have to explain more for you.

Opss, I forgot to tell you about image above. That is a groups for
Indonesian where I learn English together with other.

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budi said...

good english


anton said...

maaf bg blm smpat kirim cpanel. musibah bertubi2 ha.

email ado di:

Wee said...

aku juga belajar english secara otodidak,. salah satunay dgn mendengarkan lagu,..
btw thumbs up bahasa inggrismu not bad...
kalo aku masih blepotan euy huehehehe

Nanang said...

Halah...aku juga modal nekat ko wee :p


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