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12 March 2009

ShopWiki: Your Gateway to Online Shopping

online shopping trough shopwikiRevolution in marketing through the internet has change the trend of people in shopping. Everyone may find easily everything product that they want to buy and everyone also may offer everything product that they want to sell. Mutual benefit has been admitted for those who have served by the internet to do a transaction. But, find up a good product at a good online store sometimes become trouble for a potential buyers.

Many online store has growth in the world and offer almost all of kind of products. There are not only one online store that sell one product, but many online store oparate and sell many product. For the example, if you looking for product for Toys and Games product category at search engine, you will be informed about myriads of links to online store that sell Toys and Games. Moreover, you will be confused since there no price comparison or more and complete information will you get .

If you find this trouble, it means that you have to know about WikiShop. I have comeback from this site and would share a good experience how useful it is. ShopWiki is not an online store, but it helps you to find the best online store for you. ShopWiki is revolutionary for shopping since it actively seeks out every store on the internet in a similar way that Google finds every web site, by crawling the web.For the example, if you looking for Babies and Toddlers product category at WikiShop, the WikiShop will offer you related online store that sell Babies and Toddlers product. Moreover, you also will get the comparison for the best price, shipping information, size, color, etc because it has crawled more than 200 online stores.

ShopWiki is powerfull search engine for shopping purpose through internet without pick an extra charge to a buyers, it is really a free service. That why I said that ShopWiki is the online shopping
gateway. ShopWiki has completed the need of internet user in their demand on product information to buy. Enjoy ShopWiki guide and find suitable product to buy satisfyingly. I'm sure this because I have tried use ShopWiki to find a childrens books for my son somedays ago.

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