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13 June 2009

Prita Mulyasari vs Omni Hospital International Case

After Prita Mulyasari vs Omni Hospital International Case was blown into public space, the case also extends to other side on Omni Hospital International. As you can see at tv news, a mother of twin baby has sue the hospital because her children become victim of unproffesional medical treatment when was born. It makes the babies, Jayden and Jared, eyes broken. I'm sure Juliana, the mother, is inspirated by fabulous support of public for Prita Mulyasari.

Besides, Omni Hospital International is also has problematic with their "international" name since is known that the hospital is not an international class hospital. House of the Representative or DPR and Departement of Health or Republic Indonesia stated about it and will review the name utilization for their brand name. Eventhought, DPR urgent to revoke their license because it is a serious matter and has lied of public.

Special services for local goverment official, include for the prosecutor, has indicated a cause why Prita case treatment so hard where she has been jailed with libel indicment. Whatever the hospital faces today, I hope it will be a learn lesson for everyone. Not only for among the hospital or doctor, both also for public and goverment.

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