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16 August 2009

Earth Quake in Mentawai - Padang (August 2009)

gempa mentawai-padang sumateraToday is Sunday 16 August 2009, the big earthquake strikes again at around 14:38 WIB. I'm cool online while eating and family are watching tv. Earthquake that suddenly strike make all people in my neighborhood flow out of their house.

I come in back to my home, my laptop is still online. I check the BMG site directly to get the information about the earthquake. But, BMG site does not work. The time such as right now, official information is very important.

After googling, finally I find a site belonging to the United States USGS. From there I get the information. The earlier earthquake is strike in the Mentawai Islands, western of the Padang city or in the western of the Sumatra island. Site of Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, mentioned that there was no tsunami warning for this 7 magnitude earthquake.

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Hugger Ceiling Fans said...

wow what the news....since the tsunami hit Acheh i always alert disaster that come to hit your country.

agoez3 said...

Hummm, I feel the earth quake, but my positon in Klaten Central Java, so it weren't feel so big.


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