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05 November 2009

Google PR Update Makes This Blog Rank Higher. Great!

With great joy I have to say to all visitors, that this blog PR back to the original ranking. Earlier this blog PR dropped from 3 to 0, and from the latest Google PR update , my blog PR rankings again got 3. All this does not come naturally, I had to hard effort to get the PR back up higher, at least equal to the previous.

Since the beginning I was applying science to improve SEO, PR and Alexa to all my blogs, but still there was a failure because of lack of proper formulation. This blog has successfully raised the rank but also ever fall like the previous events. As for my other blogs have survived and there is also the continuing rise the PR.

For the bloggers, SEO, PR and Alexa rank science certainly not something new issues to you. Moreover, you want to enjoy the profit from your blogging activity is. Therefore do not be surprised if I feel good and why this article should I fit. This could be a motivation for those of you who are familiar with SEO, but for those of you new or have never heard the term PR, SEO, Alexa Rank, and so on may also make you more curious and want to know more deeply.

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