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23 January 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 and Forecast

chinese 2012 dragon year
In the Chinese calendar system, year 2012  is the year of the Dragon. Many also mentioned as the year of Aqua Dragon. Every year there is always the name is taken from the name of the corresponding Shio animals such as snakes, buffalo, pigs, dogs, rabbits and others. Each animal names that apply in that year gave an indication of the prediction of what will happen in this world, nature, social and in every person. China people usually predict his luck at every turn of the year. Today there are many people who are not descendants of Chinese who come to do the same. This is usually the most predictable first is financial, health, marriage and career.

I do not know the origin of this tradition because I am not a chinese. Every year I have observed this phenomenon only and if there are predictions made ​​feng shui master, I just heard it because I did not want to be stuck and believe the forecast and it is not good because in my opinion to precede god. If any event in that year which proved to be true, I consider to be a coincidence.

The moment the new year china was regarded as the moment to further improve cultural tolerance because in my city there is not only the native communities that exist but there are also communities of chinese. As in previous years, these moments remind us that there are our brothers who are around us with a distinct culture that should be respected. So, the moment of china new year for me not to go racing fortune, but to further enhance social sensitivity. Hopefully the bad predictions made ​​never happen and the predictions either occur in the name of god, not on behalf of the fortune teller:) Gong Xi Fa Cai.

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