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26 June 2009

Prita Mulyasari Wins!

Prita Mulyasari vs hospital OMNI international cases was ended with the prita victory. Judge of the Tangerang court free her of all criminal charges. In the trial date of 25 June 2009, the chamber judge, rejecting all claims of prosecutors.

Prita cases that have been stir Indonesia is began when Prita complained about the Omni hospital services to her through the email to his friends. From there, email Prita continue to spread until it finally Omni hospitals fink her to police.

Prita was entangled with the article in the Criminal Code on defamation, and also articles in the law of Information and Electronic Transactions. Many parties support Prita especially also from netters who support freedom of speech and expression, even all the candidates for president in 2009 elections in Indonesia are also support Prita. What Prita did is her right to speech and express, moreover she is a patient of the Omni hospital itself. Life Prita!

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